Making Business Simple

We know how tricky it can be to run a business. Ensuring that you are compliant and have good systems to manage Safety, People and Software is vital to success, we can help you today. 

We provide an ALL inclusive Safety & HR Service, from $19 per day.

We are here for disasters, but we really set you up to avoid them in the first place.

Safety and HR are at our core and we are experts in the field, but more importantly we can provide plain english information that you can understand and fits with your business. There is no generic information here, just a system designed for your business with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Simple as that.
Either call our 1800 number or email your support request and you will get a ticket so we can make sure you get the best support.

We all know that paper is a thing of the past so we provide you with an advanced software solution to manage your HR & Safety compliance. Not only can it handle all your safety & HR needs but you can add other functions should you want to expand its capability in the future or even integrate into your job management system, ask us how.

To make your life easier we have integrated our Safety & HR Management System into the software platform so things like logging an incident are all taken care of online. You get full procedures and Polices for your business along with Safe Operating Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements and any other documentation your business needs. All customised for your business with your logo’s and covering everything you need to be safe and compliant.

We make sure you always stay up to date with everything you need to, all the latest WHS & HR news and information, updates to legislation and everything else that you need to know delivered monthly.

We know that managing Safety & HR can be challenging so we will catch up with each quarter and touch base to make sure you are on track and keeping on top of things. This way we can see if you need help, plug any holes and make sure you stay compliant.

A year can slip by really quickly but it’s a great time to review where you are at as a business and make sure everything still fits, your all compliant and prepare for the next year in advance.

We all need to keep an eye on the budget and we know every cent counts so we have made sure it’s easy to budget for your safety & HR compliance with a simple monthly investment.
From $19 per day you can make sure you business is safe and compliant with your legal obligations.

Our Services

We provide end-to-end safety compliance services, including:

Every business has a desire and an obligation to keep their staff and the public safe. We can help with systems, procedures, policies and ongoing support. 

We all know how important people are to the success of a business. We can help ensure you can find, recruit and keep the best people for your business and keep everything compliant. 

When it comes to finding the right system or systems to run your business on we can help guide and then setup that system with your needs in mind. The only perfect software is the software that’s perfect for you. 


We all know that every business is different and one size does not fit all. With this in mind, we can design and build a bespoke system that fits perfectly for your business. 

Don’t settle for a system that almost fits when you can have a perfect fit, ask us how. 

Making Business Simpler

We know how hard it can be to stay across all the compliance and safety requirements of business. WHS and HR legislation and regulations are always shifting. 

We have built our business around providing the best advice and systems for every kind of business. We build our systems to your business needs, every system is different just like every business is. From Simple WHS and HR Compliance to ISO level systems we do it all, with a view to make it simple.

Whether you have one employee or 1000 we can find a solution that will work for your business and give you the peace of mind you need. Let us help you figure out how to manage all of these things and put a plan in place for the future based around our ethos of ‘Keep It Simple’.

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During this live online meeting we’ll learn a little more about your business’ needs and then run through the key features of KIS Group and how they will benefit you. Naturally, you can ask as many questions as you like.


The demos go for about 45-60 minutes depending on how deep you’d like to go on certain modules. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.


If you love what you see during the demo, we can get you registered and booked in with one our expert HR Consultants ASAP to get the ball rolling.

If you need some time to think or need to speak with your team about it, we will send you a detailed needs analysis proposal with our suggested plan options.

Free Consultation - General

Why KIS Group?

At the KIS Group we don’t use the cookie-cutter approach. We work individually with all of our clients to make sure they have a system that works perfectly just for them.

Time. Efficiency. Productivity.

Great software lets you focus on people, not processes. KIS Group means working faster and smarter. Ditch the paperwork and embrace automation and anytime access whether you’re at work, at home, or places in-between. Make your HR and WHS controlled, consistent and compliant, regardless of your workforce size or composition, so you can recover the time you need to work on things that matter.

It's cost-effective.

Time is money, and when you do things more efficiently you save both. Our clients slash the time they spend on WHS & HR admin by up to 90%. So, while HR software feels like a cost, it’s really an investment — one that’ll pay for itself many times over. Dust off those projects you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have the time or money (or start new ones).

Flexible. Customisable. With awesome support.

Our software is scalable and configurable. Tailor the parts you want to suit the way you operate. Use only the features you need right now, knowing that the platform has the power to keep up with you no matter how far or fast you scale. And, if you get stuck, you get a high-level of product support that’s rare when it comes to software.

Expert Advice.

Our WHS and HR experts provide businesses with peace of mind through up-to-the-minute, customised HR advice and documentation.

HR & WHS Compliance Audit.

We provide a comprehensive WHS and HR Audit to identify any non-compliance issues. Then we help you introduce best-practice processes to fix them.

HR & WHS Software

We can set you up with Donesafe – a dynamic cloud-based WHS and HR management system. Fast, secure and easy to use, you can update information anywhere, from any device.

WHS Management.

Enjoy a safer workplace with best-practice WHS management and monitoring that lets your employees report incidents and hazards remotely, from their own devices.

Secure Your Business. Protect Your Brand.

Australia has the most complex workplace-relations laws in the world. We’ll make sure you don’t pay the price for non-compliance.

Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Save your business time and money by giving your employees their own secure portal accessible via any internet-capable device. Let employee-driven record management, messaging, real-time alerts and online access to documents take away much of your HR burden. It’s a communications channel that’ll engage your employees and ensure your (and their) information is always up to date. Role-based access lets you hand off certain tasks and makes performance reviews easy.

What Our Clients Say...

Whether you know exactly what you need or are not sure where to start, we can make your business compliance simpler