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About Us

Our History

The Keep It Simple Group came to life through a direct need by tradies for a simple way to manage their WHS compliance without adding more overheads to their business. 

They needed a system that was everywhere they were, didn’t need any paper and was simple to use. So Keep It Simple Safety was born. KISS has expanded to offer the same simple systems to all kinds of businesses from Cafe’s to Retail outlets and Manufacturing plants. 

Now with the addition of full HR systems and support we have expanded to the Keep It Simple Group. 

KIS Group head office is based in Townsville, with a Victorian and NSW office, but we service customers across the country and in New Zealand.


Meet The Team

Shayne Connolly
Group CEO

The founder of the Keep It Simple Group and Managing Director. While I have a strong passion for simplifying business management through strong systems and simple processes I hope to leave a lasting legacy of improved safety and quality with all businesses we work with. 

I love to travel and spend time with my family, I’m also an avid photographer of nature. 

Violet Sybers
Support Manager

My Name is Violet,  I am Originally from New Zealand but now call Tropical North Queensland Home. I enjoy travelling, cooking and photography. On my days off you can find me at the beach or hanging with my dog Ziggy.

Tony Ceapa
Business Development Manager

With over 30 years of experience in executive-level business development and relationship management across the finance, entertainment, construction, energy efficiency, and HSEQ industries, Tony brings a diversified wealth of knowledge to new businesses exploring opportunities to improve the health safety, and environmental  quality of the workplace, while protecting business owners from the possible legal prosecutions of not complying with WHS law.

Darar Thach

Hi, my name is Darar. I am part of the Support/Development team here at KIS. I enjoy music, relaxing and love my sports. During my spare time you’ll probably find me at the basketball court or golf course.

Larni Gordon
Finance Manager

Larni loves her family and spending time making great memories. With a strong desire to help others Larni is always doing more than she needs to but that’s what makes her a great asset and person.

Chris Parncutt
Project Manager

Finding a better, simpler way is something I’ve always done and that’s why I’m here. To help you make the process of managing safety a simple one. I’ve been implementing processes and systems for over 15 years from small teams to multi site call centres and love the journey to a better way.

When I’m not working, I’m probably outside with my family, bushwalking, riding or relaxing with a good coffee at the beach.

Prasanth 'Reddy' Mavuri

My name is Prasanth Reddy Mavuri and I am a Software Developer/Support for KISS. I am an accomplished programmer, and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at Keep It Simple Group. I graduated from Victoria University in 2021 with a master’s degree in Applied Information Technology.

Our Beliefs

We believe in simple

We believe in SIMPLE at the KIS Group we live by the ‘Keep It Simple’ code, it’s just what we do.

We believe in system plus service

At the KIS Group you get the best products PLUS top-shelf service and support.

We believe in being on time

At the KIS Group we mean what we say, and we say what we mean. No Excuses, just results.

We believe in partnership

At the KIS Group you’re not just a customer, we are your partner here to help whenever we can.

We believe in the truth

At the KIS Group we tell it how it is, and we stand by our advice.

We believe in transparency

At the KIS Group there are no hidden fees and no surprises. What you see is what you get.

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