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Keep It Simple Group’s Partner Network

Our network fosters partnerships that allow you to provide a value-add service to your clients or members – so they get the most from your expertise and experience.

Join members across Australia already supporting businesses to achieve success. Be equipped with all the resources, training and advice to assist your own network in confidently managing their workplace safety and HR needs.

Who would benefit from the KIS Group Partner Network?

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Business Coaches, Insurance Brokers, Franchisors, and any other businesses who service small to medium sized business owners and employers. Our vision is to help employers build safer workplaces – and if this resonates with your values, the KISS Partner Network needs you.

Why Join KIS Group Network?

For Your Business:

For Your Business:

Get regular news and updates about HR and Workplace Health and Safety, trends and useful information you can share.

Exclusive Resources

Access to all of our resources for podcasts, videos, guides and articles to keep your network up to date. Use our vast social media library too.

Benefits of Referring

Receive generous referral fees and ongoing commission for new business referrals or if you would like we can donate this to charity.

For Your Clients:

Free Webinars

Offer your clients access to Free webinars about HR and Workplace Health and Safety.

Free Training Courses

Get access for your clients to our Free (only for your clients, normally $299) training courses.

An Expert Resource

When one of your customers asks you a question about HR and WHS that you can’t answer we will be there to help. 

Join Our Network

Keep It Simple Safety’s Partner Network

Adding Value to your business and your clients.

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Starting from $29 per month, you get access to Hundred's of SWMS, SOP's, Policies and other documents. Along with News, educational videos and a great community where you can connect with other business owners and managers.

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