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Human Resources is critical but it can be hard to stay across all the HR requirements of a business. We help you set up and manage HR end to end with simple solutions.

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We provide an ALL inclusive HR Service.

We are here for disasters, but we really set you up to avoid them in the first place.

Safety and HR are at our core and we are experts in the field, but more importantly we can provide plain english information that you can understand and fits with your business. There is no generic information here, just a system designed for your business with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Simple as that.
Either call our 1800 number or email your support request and you will get a ticket so we can make sure you get the best support.

We all know that paper is a thing of the past so we provide you with an advanced software solution to manage your HR compliance. Not only can it handle all your safety & HR needs but you can add other functions should you want to expand its capability in the future or even integrate into your job management system, ask us how.

To make your life easier we have integrated our HR Management System into the software platform so things like logging an incident are all taken care of online. You get full procedures and Polices for your business along with any other documentation your business needs. All customised for your business with your logo’s and covering everything you need to be safe and compliant.

We make sure you always stay up to date with everything you need to, all the latest HR news and information, updates to legislation and everything else that you need to know delivered monthly.

We know that managing HR can be challenging so we will catch up with each quarter and touch base to make sure you are on track and keeping on top of things. This way we can see if you need help, plug any holes and make sure you stay compliant.

A year can slip by really quickly but it’s a great time to review where you are at as a business and make sure everything still fits, your all compliant and prepare for the next year in advance.

We all need to keep an eye on the budget and we know every cent counts so we have made sure it’s easy to budget for your HR compliance with a simple monthly investment.
From $13 per day you can make sure you business is safe and compliant with your legal obligations.

Specialising in making your job easier

Wondering if KIS Group can help you in your role? Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with KIS Group:

Gain instant visibility of your entire company’s compliance status right from your desktop, regardless of where your worksites are located or the number of staff you’re watching. KIS Group generates all the reporting and evidence you need to stay on top of risk issues before they even occur, and gives you the power to investigate any past incidents immediately.

KIS Group gives you 100% certainty that existing and new workers on your site have the training and credentials they need, and that they’ve completed all inductions and safety checks required, every single day.

The risk of large fines, penalties and even incarceration looms larger than ever when it comes to mining compliance. KIS Group not only prevents compliance breaches, but is also invaluable when investigating incidents and accidents, showing you every move made by staff and workers.

Any training that can be delivered electronically, can be delivered via the KIS Group platform. Workers can complete online learning straight from their device, and you’ll be notified when training is complete or outstanding. Remote learning just got quicker and easier.

Enjoy a step-change in workforce compliance visibility as soon as you implement the KIS Group platform. Any workers who don’t meet safety requirements will stand out immediately, giving you the confidence that your workforce is consistently meeting your safety standards at all times.

Onboard contractors & vendor workforces quickly and easily onto the KIS Group Platform. Effortlessly share role, location or project requirements with contracting companies, while monitoring workforce compliance in real time.

Regardless of which area of mining you’re working in, the KIS Group platform benefits the entire organization by being a vigilant (but user friendly) watchdog over your operations, saving you time, money and frustration.   

HR Compliance

When most people think of people management or HR, they think of attracting, hiring and retaining good people. They think about using their people to help ensure a business is achieving success. People often overlook the role HR plays in keeping a business on the right side of employment law. HR compliance is a specific problem in businesses today. Australia has one of the most complex and confusing employment law systems in the world and there are numerous laws that must be adhered to, which is why compliance is so important. From Fair Work, NES, Vevo checks and more, our HR Compliance software includes information on everything you need to know including:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employment Contracts and Policies
  • Performance Management
  • Procedural Fairness for HR compliance
  • General HR Knowledge

Don’t let essential HR tasks slide to the bottom of your to-do list. Be proactive in the area of HR compliance and recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems and costly legal claims.

Other Services Available


At the KIS Group we know how the right person can transform a business. And how the right job can transform someone’s life. Our job? Is making it happen. Discover the power of our people at The KIS Group. 

As a leading specialist recruiting group with consultants throughout Australia and New Zealand, our recruiting experts can help you to attract, recruit and retain the best staff for your organisation. Whether you are looking for employees in IT, Accountancy & Finance, Construction & Property, HR, Marketing, Office Support and more, you can count on the KIS Group to help you find the right candidate for the job.


Our expansive network means you can also access the best people not on the market who may be considering a career change or have indicated to us that they are open to roles that may arise further down the track.

We successfully source candidates nationwide for permanent, contract and temporary opportunities.

If you have a live role you want to consult the KIS Group about, feel free to Contact Us.


The first step to protect your business.

If you don’t have in-house HR with expert knowledge of employment law it can be difficult to know if you’re complying, or if your practices and procedures are best practice.

The best way to know is with an HR audit.

It’s also a great way for us to get acquainted. To get to know you and your business. It helps us deliver the support and technology you need, tailored to your unique situation. It also gives you a chance to get to know us, to be on first-name terms with the people who’ll be looking out for you and your business.

What Our Clients Say...

Getting Started with KIS Group

From the moment you register with KIS Group, you are assigned a fully qualified HR consultant who not only helps to get you set up in the system and compliant but also trains you and other key staff on how to use the platform. We are with you every step of the way and can ask us any HR or technical questions

Book Your Live Online Demo

What to expect

During this live online meeting we’ll learn a little more about your business’ needs and then run through the key features of KIS Group and how they will benefit you. Naturally, you can ask as many questions as you like.

How long is the demo?

The demos go for about 45-60 minutes depending on how deep you’d like to go on certain modules. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

What happens next?

If you love what you see during the demo, we can get you registered and booked in with one our expert HR Consultants ASAP to get the ball rolling. If you need some time to think or need to speak with your team about it, we will send you a detailed needs analysis proposal with our suggested plan options.
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